Visit to Skytrex - Sept 2018

On 29th September 2018, 26 residents boarded the bus at Taylor's Lakeside Campus which would take them to Skytrex Adventure. Located within the 817 hectares forest of Shah Alam National Botanical Park, our residents got the chance to get closer to nature. Upon reaching the compound, the residents were equipped with safety harnesses before going through a compulsory safety briefing by Skytrex instructors.

It was time to begin. For this activity, our residents were going to do the Intermediate level trail. Everyone gathered at the starting point and began climbing. It was a slow process as each checkpoint could only safely accommodate two people at a time.

They had to overcome obstacles including flying fox, ropes, reinforced planks, and woven net pathways. What made it terrifying yet fun was the fact that once you start, the only way off the trail was to complete it until the end.

After 2 hours, all our residents had completed the last checkpoint, albeit with aching muscles and big smiles. Some of the residents even managed to conquer their fear of heights in order to complete the entire trail. With an NPS score of +91, it was definitely an eye-opening and exhilirating experience for our residents.