Residents Welfare Support

Hostel life is a critical part of the total college and university experience. Choosing the right accommodation will provide you with the support, experience and environment for you to succeed.

Did you know?

  1. National Union of Student, 2015
  2. Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2010
  3. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2010
  4. Global Digital Citizen Foundation, 2016
  5. University Herald, 2013
Besides providing our residents a safe, conducive and comfortable abode, we are also committed to deliver a holistic living experience to all residents through our comprehensive Residents Welfare Support. This unique support aims to help our residents cope with the changes in their new living and learning environment.

A welfare support that focuses on providing a comprehensive support to all new residents during the crucial transition period.

We understand that living away from home for the first time is challenging and we are committed to providing more than just a place to live but more importantly a place where residents can learn.

Our unique support focuses on 3 core areas:

Emotional Wellbeing
Positive mental health plays a vital role in your academics and personal development. Taylor’s Hostel offers a series of exclusive and empowering programmes that helps you:
  • Integrate and adapt well into your new living and learning environment
  • Manage and conquer anxiety and stress
  • Learn self-management and build self-confidence

Social Wellbeing
Positive social wellness involves building healthy and nurturing relationships as well as fostering genuine connections with your peers, who can offer support during times of need:
  • Develop a sense of belonging and social inclusion
  • Work together as a community to take ownership of their new living environment
  • Live in harmony by learning respect and appreciation towards the customs and cultures of others

Physical Wellbeing
Positive physical well-being helps you adapt seamlessly in the new living and learning environment. Taylor’s Hostel is committed to supporting you with the best living experience by providing:
  • Conducive living and learning spaces
  • Safe and high-security environment
  • 24 hours support via our live-in housemasters
  • Residence activities and workshops to ensure safe and healthy living