Residents' Testimonials

“I chose Taylor’s Hostel Management because it was the obvious choice. It is on campus and close to classes and it is very secure, which was what attracted my parents. The programs here at U Residence weren’t just a good learning experience for me but for everyone else. It’s not just bound to academics, it’s more of a living adventure and it molds you and makes you grow into this person that you were not yesterday.”

Zainab Khokhar

“The main reason why I chose U Residence is because it’s so much more convenient to live on campus and it is very secure. My living experience here has been very enjoyable. There are a lot of participative activities conducted for residents. It’s not just a place where you live, eat and bathe but a place where you can socialize and make meaningful engagement with people as well. I gained soft skills such as communication, people management and leadership skills.”

Felicia Mathew

“I have gained many new friends while living here, both local and international students from around the world; this is the best thing about U Residence, you will get to meet lots of people from different background.”

Ocean Ooi

“Firstly it is very convenient staying here. Secondly, through the many events & activities available within U Residence, I have made lots of new friends from different countries like Malaysia, China, Mauritius, Netherlands and many more.

At U Residence the Service Learning Programs have helped us build our Leadership qualities and now it becomes so easy to step up and be part of the team. Because of this, we are actively involved in community engagements and feel proud that we made a difference, not only during events but also impact the children we work with. We have learnt a lot from each other.”

Andrew Lim

“I enjoyed every bit of this experience at U Residence.

Because of the Service Learning Programs, it’s not just a place to stay with a bed, this program gives you a feeling of fulfillment. It opens your eyes to the hidden potential we all have inside of us. It dares you to face your challenges and overcome obstacles.

I’m sure when I leave U residence in June, I will leave with a bunch of good memories of the experiences I had.

It a whole lot better than leaving thinking "U residence, is it just a place I stayed with a bed? or “Could it have been so much more?”. The choice is yours, if you don’t step up, no one will for you.”

Martyn Gravemade

“I think staying at U residence is a good experience to enjoy University life. Great facilities, helpful staff, 24 hours security, nice environment to makes friends, and most importantly you'll stay only 5 minutes from your class!.

Service Learning Programs that give us a chance to STAND OUT. That's why I don't feel homesick when I stay at U Residence.”

Keenan Maulana Doni