Residential Experience

We offer a unique Residential Experience complimented by 24-hour security & live-in housemasters at Taylor’s Hostel. Come and discover the Best Student Living Experience that aims to provide the support and opportunities needed for you to succeed in college and university.

Level of maturity: Dependent

Assimilate seamlessly into your new living & learning environment

Emotional & Social Wellbeing
• Orientation Programme
• Living Right Workshop
• Buddy System

Physical Wellbeing
• Safety Workshop
• Familiarization Activities
• Conducive Living Spaces

Level of maturity: Independent

Be equipped with tools & skills in a conducive space that allows you to achieve better academic outcomes

Emotional & Social Wellbeing
• Study Group Support
• Study Stress Management Sessions

Physical Wellbeing
• Healthy Lifestyle Programme
• Exclusive Study Spaces

Level of maturity: Inter-dependent

Thrive in a collaborative environment & contribute productively to your community

Emotional & Social Wellbeing
• Emotional Peer Support Group
• Community Outreach Activities
• Student Resident Council Peer Support

Physical Wellbeing
• Conservation & Environmental Activities